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This program is dependent on the participation of businesses willing to offer apprenticeship programs for our students. This partnership is a win-win for the students and the employers as the students gain valuable on-the-job training, and the employers gain potential long-term employers trained not only in their field, but with supplemental classroom time reinforcing proper work habits, adherence to industry standards, and ethics. The benefits of an apprenticeship program include:

1) Long-term highly skilled workforce
2) Improved productivity and bottom line
3) Opportunities for tax credits and employee tuition
4) Reduced turnover costs and increased employee retention
5) Industry-driven and flexible training solutions to meet local needs.

Please give us a call to learn how your business can benefit from being a part of the Mid Coast Construction Academy!

And thank you to the many businesses that have partnered with Mid Coast Construction Academy through on-the-job training programs and educational seminars.

• Eaton Corporation
• Victoria Electric Cooperative
• VCS Companies
• Weaver & Jacobs Constructors, Inc.
• Wendt Services

• Command Electric
• Hall Electric
• Lauger Companies, Inc.

• CED/Columbia Electric Supply, Inc.
• CNP Logistics, LLC
• Ideal Industries
• ISC Constructors, LLC
• Roth Construction
• Kelly Painting & Drywall
• Mike & Kim Weaver
• Milwaukee
• RCR Custom Homes
• Zarsky Lumber

• Cajun Industries, LLC
• CED/Columbia Electric Supply, Inc.
• Rawley McCoy & Associates
• Mike & Kim Weaver
• Momentum Group
• Jung Tile
• Rexel
• Texas Commercial Fire & Safety

• Columbia Electric Supply
• Dry Goods
• Ferguson
• Service Supply of Victoria, Inc.

• A-1 Shiner & Safety
• ESC Consultants
• Kelly Painting & Drywall
• Michelle’s Flooring & Design
• Mitchell Glass
• Regional Steel
• Texas Commercial Fire & Safety

• Coastal Office Solutions
• Dwain & Michelle Darilek
• Kathy Hunt
• McCoy’s
• Brad & Evelyn Oubre
• Sherwin Williams

• Jewel Buchanan
• Jerry & Marie Dittmar
• Corbin Lauger
• Lowe’s
• McCoy’s
• Mike Milson
• Bert & Sandra Pyle
• Six Flags Glass

• Command Electric
• Edward’s Plumbing, Inc.
• Hall Electric
• Seals Electric
• Wendt Services
• Victoria Air Conditioning

Mid Coast Construction Academy

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Fax:  361-572-4653

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1408 N Ben Jordan
Victoria, TX 77901

Instruction Facility
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In the Mid Coast Region, there is a critical shortage of skilled labor that is projected to grow over the next decade. Trained plumbers and electricians enjoy one of the most stable employment futures in the workforce and licensed plumbers and electricians experience a current average starting salary of $23 per hour in our area. Mid Coast Construction Academy is proud to partner with local businesses, school districts, and individuals as we address this issue through education and career development.

Partial funding for Mid Coast Construction Academy provided by Cuero Economic Development Corporation